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Huts and Cabins offers wide range of roofing systems as per the client requirement which is suitable for every climatic condition whether the location is near to sea ,mountain or normal land.In designing any roofing system ,huts and cabin always consider the key factors like durability, look as well as environmental conditions to deliver the best in class roofings. We offer multiple design which are suitable to low/high slope roofing system.This Roofing system lay over suitable steel section (Hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel .Ie LGFS ) of trusses and purlin with suitable Self Taping washer screws.

In our view roofing add the style statement to building in many ways, it also protects from wind pressure, rain water and maintain the lower temperature to our establishments. So, we understand its value so design with caution and deliver with care .

Our Roofing Solutions are :-

  1. Metal Roof -
    1. PPGI ROOF
    2. PPGL ROOF
  2. Tiled Roof
  3. Shingles


What is PPGI or GI ROOFING ?
"PPGI" stands for Pre-painted Galvanised Iron also known as Pre-coated steel or Colour Coated tin roofing. This is one type of corrugated metal roofing which are nowadays in a trend. They are lighter in weight, economical as well as highly durable.

" GI " stands for Galvanised iron also know as tin roofing or metal sheet . These are not in any pre-colour options. Rest is almost similar.

Key Features of PPGI Metal Roof

  • Light in weight
  • Durable/Long lasting
  • Very Economical
  • Weather Proof
  • Eco friendly
  • Resistance to corrosion, termite
  • No Mantainance

Applications: PPGI Metal Roof has many applications like

  • Schools
  • Labour shed
  • Shops
  • Guard Room
  • Huts
  • Hospital
  • Site office
  • Warehouse
  • Car Parking sheds
  • Farm houses
PPGI Metal Roof work
PPGI Metal Roof

1(b) PPGL

"PPGL" Stands for Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel. These Corrugated metal sheets are prepared with the combination of steel, zinc and aluminium.This metal roofing are durable, more heat resistant than PPGI and having more anti corrosion capabilities.

Huts and Cabins offers PPGL metal Roof /sheets of various colour ,thickness and sizes which lay over the designed steel sections of trusses and purlins fixed with suitable self tapping washer screw

Key Feature of PPGL Metal Roof :-

  1. Durability
  2. Anti Corrosion Capability
  3. Light Weight
  4. Economical
  5. Eco friendly
  6. Weather proof
  7. No Maintenance

Applications: PPGL Metal Roof has many applications like

  1. Schools
  2. Labour shed
  3. shops
  4. Guard Room
  5. Huts
  6. Hospital
  7. Site office
  8. warehouse
  9. Car Parking sheds
  10. Farm houses
Pre Painted Galvalume Steel
Pre Painted Galvalume Steel

1(c) PUF Roof-

PUF ROOFisMetal corrugated Sheets sandwich system in between gap filled with CFC free polyurethane foam called PUF insulated roofing Panels.
Huts and Cabins offers PUF Roofing solutions which is highly durable ,Eco friendly and weather proof . It is very useful for hot or cold weathers or any adverse situation like earthquake or high wind pressure condition. It is available in various colour schemes and customised sizes as per the requirement of user.With PUF Metal Roofing any design and delivery can be done with ease.
PUF Metal Roofing designed by considering factor like end use requirement, wind pressure ,live load, dead load and seismic zone of end user location. In view of the above factors suitable trusses and purlins of steel sections are designed to deliver best in class roof.

Key Feature of PUF Metal Roof :

  1. Highly Temperature Resistance
  2. Flexible Design option
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Durable
  5. Anti corrosion ,Termite and Fungus free
  6. Eco-Friendly
  7. No Maintenance

Applications: PUF Insulated Metal Roof has many applications like
  1. Cold Storage
  2. Prefab Building
  3. Modular Home
  4. Prefab Home
  5. Pharma Storage
  6. Schools
  7. Office
  8. Prefab Barrack
  9. Guard Room
  10. Resort
  11. Hospital
  12. shopping complex
  13. warehouse
  14. Car Parking sheds
  15. Farm house

PUF Roof Work sample
PUF Roof Work

2. Tiled Roof

Huts and cabins offers only modern tiled roofing which are lighter in weight, highly durable, impressive look and create rich feel to building. We uses french technology tile roof product called "O villa " which has proven track record from decades. This Tiled Roof sheets is made from composite of asphalt with a fibre matte core.
These Tiled Roof is suitable for premium home ,villas ,resorts and other establishment. This roof has eye catching look and feel with great designing capabilities. This can be lay over directly over steel frames even or can be done over other roofs like PUF ROOF, Wooden Board,Cement Fiber Board ,etc.
Tiled roof or O villa roof comes in various colour options. So can go with the theme of the building.

Key Feature of Tiled Roof

  1. Long Lasting
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Eco Friendly
  4. Impressive Look and Feel
Best Applications: It gives premium look to establishments
  1. Resorts
  2. Second Home
  3. Farm House
  4. Villa
  5. Prefab Home
  6. Prefab Restaurant
  7. Prefab Building
  8. Cottages
  9. Modular Home

3. Shingles-
It means a roof covered with thin layer of asphalt material sheet normally in square or rectangular in shape.In short you can say shingles are extra cover for your roof which is lay over the primary sloped roof may be of wooden or fibre cement board roof which is supported with suitable steel frames as per requirement of the structure and sealed with silicon sealant at all corners of the sheet to prevent any leakages.
In laying the shingles bottom to top approach followed ,shingles are always laid in a way that each successive row overlaps the joint below them.

Key Feature of Shingles :
  1. Very Attractive
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Light weight
  4. Energy Efficient
Hutsandcabins offers shingles in various colour schemes so you select as per your choice and introduce new impressive style and look to your roof. Application : It gives premium look to establishments
  1. Resorts
  2. Second Home
  3. Farm House
  4. Villa
  5. Prefab Home
  6. Prefab Restaurant
  7. Prefab Building
  8. Cottages
  9. Modular Home
Roof Steel Structure
Roof Steel Structure
Badminton court roof
Badminton Court Roof
MS Steel Railing
MS Steel Railin

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