Mazzaine Floor

A Floor which is an intermediate between the main floors of a building is known as mazzaine floor.These mazzaine floor create extra space in the building which is useful in industrial, commercial or residential setups like office ,accommodation or storage etc

Huts and cabins uses steel based structures which is designed considering the requirement and various load factors.We uses Hot Rolled steel section and cold rolled steel section specially for decking purpose which chosen as per the need of yours.

hutsandcabins offers three types of Floor system :-

  1. Bison Mazzaine Floor - In these Types of Floor system we uses Bison Board as a floor over the steel structure base. These bison board are strong and durable also useful for further application of Tiling, vinyl or wooden Flooring.
  2. Rcc Deck Flooring - In these Type of Floor System we uses Corrugated Metal Deck over the steel structure base which is suitable for doing a RCC work. These RCC floors are same as your home floor, can be done tiling or IPS over it.
  3. Wooden Mazzaine Floor - Similarly in this floor high density wooden plyboard is the floor which is supported with suitable steel structure.

Key Features :

  1. Strong and durable
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Less Time consuming
  4. Zero wastage
  5. zero maintenance

Applications :

  1. Factory setups
  2. Ware house
  3. Hospitals
  4. Shops
  5. Prefabricated Home
  6. Modular Home
  7. Multi story building
  8. Malls
  9. Prefab School
  10. Prefab Store
  11. Prefab Resort
  12. Prefab huts
    1. Mezzanine-Floor
      Mezzanine Floor

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