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Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Civil Work

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) is the combination of using steel and concrete instead of using only concrete to offset some limitations. Concrete is weak in tensile stress with compared to its compressive stress. To offset this limitation, steel reinforcement is used in the concrete at the place where the section is subjected to tensile stress. Steel is very strong in tensile stress. The reinforcement is usually round in shape with approximate surface deformation is placed in the form in advance of the concrete. When the reinforcement is surrounded by the hardened concrete mass, it form an integral part of the member. The resultant combination of two materials are known as reinforced concrete. In this case the cross-sectional area of the beam or other flexural member is greatly reduced.

Advantages of RCC

Nowadays, RCC is used in most of the structures. The advantages of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) are as following.

  • 1 )  Reinforced Cement Concrete has good compressive stress (because of concrete).
  • 2 )  RCC also has high tensile stress (because of steel).
  • 3 )  It has good resistance to damage by fire and weathering (because of concrete).
  • 4 )  RCC protects steel bars from buckling and twisting at the high temperature.
  • 5 )  RCC prevents steel from rusting.
  • 6 )  Reinforced Concrete is durable.
  • 7 )  The monolithic character of reinforced concrete gives it more rigidity.
  • 8 )  Maintenance cost of RCC is practically nil.

Worker prepring land for Rcc Reinforced Cement Concrete
Worker prepring land for Rcc
working on RCC layer
working on RCC layer
after completing RCC work
RCC work

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